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Get international work experience

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Do you dream of a career that involves learning about different cultures and travelling? A job in BPO is a great way to start!

With some BPO companies, worldwide travel for training and presentations at the client company base is just one of the perks of the job. Also, BPO skills are transferable to other countries – making it a good career choice if you plan to travel.

In BPO you no longer work for just one region or company. You become a global citizen the day you become part of this industry. South Africa is becoming a favourite location for many international companies to outsource business functions.

South Africa serves countries spanning multiple time zones for BPO delivery.

Companies in the United Kingdom and Australia and the United States have been outsourcing customer support functions to BPO centres in South Africa for many years. This work is evolving to include customer experience management (up-skilling, retention, chats and social media interaction, customer analytics, etc).

Why do companies outsource their business functions to BPO companies?

  • It helps to keep down business costs for non-core business functions.
  • BPO allows companies to access high expertise that would be expensive for them to hire on their own.
  • BPO companies offer uninterrupted client care for companies that are based in other countries with different time zones.

Some BPO companies even offer virtual CEO, CFO, CIO, and other top-level management services to clients. This is especially helpful for smaller companies who cannot yet afford to employ people in these positions.

Reasons why South Africa is growing as an international BPO destination:

  1. South Africa has a large availability of good quality English speaking talent with high empathy, cultural affinity, and niche domain skills, which have led to success in next-generation service delivery
  2. People in South Africa have a more neutral accent compared to those in India and other countries. This makes it ideal for contact centre delivery to the United Kingdom and Australia.

South African BPO companies serve countries across many time zones.


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