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Whether you’re preparing to write your exams or simply want a “brain-boost” to improve your performance at work, don’t fall into the trap we all do when the pressure is on; energy drinks don’t give you energy. Fast-food doesn’t make you work or think faster. Chocolate, crisps and gassy drinks are not going to help keep you alert and sharp.

Without going into long and complicated recipes or shopping lists, Career Planet has prepared a short list of the most potent brain foods you can pop out and buy right now without breaking the bank.

Oily fish

Sardines on toast. Yes, we love it too. Simple, cheap and yummy. And so good for you. Of course, other oily fish like salmon, mackerel, herring, trout and tuna are all excellent sources of protein and omega 3, essential for keeping your brain healthy and wise. But sardines on toast still tops our shopping list, especially for students. Make sure you choose whole-wheat bread for your complex carbs, vitamins and proteins.


Again. So easy, so affordable, so accessible. And so tasty an good for your brain (and other bits). Eggs are more likely to leave you feeling full for longer than sugary cereals or pastries. Eggs are rich in protein, vitamin B2 and B12, as well as trace minerals and anti-oxidants.

Dark leafy greens

Maybe not your favourite foods when you were a kid, but now you know better, right?

Spinach and broccoli. Kale and chard. These superfoods are packed with vitamin K, building pathways in your brain. They also full of antioxidants, vitamins B2, B6, C and E, calcium and potassium. They are associated with improvements in alertness and memory.

Peanut butter

What better way to get a supercharge of brain-power than everyone’s favourite spread? Or, just eat it out of the jar, for goodness sake! Or mix it in with your oats in the morning to keep you going for a long time. Peanut butter contains healthy fats and proteins

which work as well for your brain as they do for your taste buds.

Fresh fruit

Everybody knows that a sugar hit gives you energy. But don’t rush for the sweetened fizzy drinks or chocolate bars when you can do it the natural way. Any fruit is packed with natural sugars, but blueberries and avo’s (yes, avo’s are fruits!) are thought to be the best brainfoods. But a banana, apple or orange or two every day will keep your mind clear and your body healthy.



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