Air Cargo Agent



OFO: 132401 





What is an Air Cargo Agent? 

An Air Cargo Agent’s job is very organised. They are logical thinkers.

Air Cargo Agents co-ordinate the shipment of freight. They also keep track of delays in departure to make sure that cargo reaches its destination according to plan and on time. 

What does an Air Cargo Agent do?

  • plan and co-ordinate shipping of freight/cargo
  • keep track of transport arrival and departure times
  • make sure goods arrive on time
  • track the journeys of goods
  • determine the best route for each order
  • arrange special handling of cargo eg: refrigeration etc
  • negotiate the best rates
  • travel to different warehouses
  • constantly learning about new shipping options, rates and charges etc

Are you … ?

  • a person with people skills?
  • organised?
  • a logical thinker?
  • able to meet deadlines?
  • good at handling stress?
  • good at geography and mathematics?

How do I become an Air Cargo Agent ? 

You will need to complete one of the following:

  • National Certificate in Freight Forwarding
  • National Certificate in Freight Handling

You can study these at University of Johannesburg, HET or through a private provider.

Minimum requirements: Grade 12 + English + Mathematics

Extra studies in business administration or logistics may help you get a promotion or better salary.



OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Aircraft Mechanic or Train Driver

Is becoming an Air Cargo Agent the right career choice for me?