2nd Engineering Officer

A career in Engineering could lead you to a life as an Engineering Officer on board a ship whether with the Navy or with a Commercial Shipping Company.


IN DEMAND: If you think Accounting is a boring office job…think again! Accountancy has become an exciting career that involves working with the latest accounting software and staying current with rapidly changing business and professional trends.

Accounting Technician

If you are someone who loves working with figures – but would prefer not to train further at a university, you could consider becoming an Accounts Clerk.


If your favourite subject at school is Mathematics and you’re really good at it, becoming an Actuary might be a good career choice for you. You have to have a sharp mind and be prepared to work hard, but it will be worth it. Actuaries are extremely well paid.


An Acupuncturist practices acupuncture by placing sterilised needles into the patient’s body in specific areas. These needles are only inserted a couple of mm. Acupuncturists work on humans and animals.


Advocates conduct civil and criminal cases in courts of law. The advocate makes sure that all the evidence in favour of the client is put before the magistrate or judge and cross-examines the opposing party in court.


Aerodynamics is the study of air motion, particularly when it interacts with a solid object. Aerodynamists usually work in the design department of aeroplanes, spacecraft, vehicles including racing cars, ships and sailing vessels. They can even assist urban planners.

Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical Engineering is one of the most challenging and exciting fields of engineering where you work with the latest technology. Aeronautical / Aerospace Engineers are mechanical engineers who work to develop new technology for aviation, space exploration and airborne defence systems.