Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

OFO No: 653201 



What is an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer? 

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is also known as an AME.  

They are responsible for the maintenance of the aircraft and to make sure that it’s air-worthy.

What does an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer do?

  • diagnose, adjust, repair, replace or overhaul aircraft engines and assemblies
  • work on hydraulics, pneumatics systems, wings and the fuselage
  • they also work on rigging, surface controls, plumbing etc
  • make sure that aircraft is in good, safe running order
  • responsible for the air-worthiness of the aircraft

Are you … ?

  • passionate about airplanes?
  • good with your hands?
  • mechanically minded?
  • problem solver?
  • responsible and reliable?

How do I become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

Minimum requirements:   Aircraft Mechanic Trade and 2 years practical experience.

Places that may offer training/employment:

  • SAAT
  • Private Provider

OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Aeronautical Engineer or  Aircraft Mechanic

Is becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer the right career choice for me?

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