Aircraft Radar/Radiotrician


What is an Aircraft Radar/Radiotrician?

A Radiotrician is responsible for all the radio, communication and navigational equipment on an aircraft. 

This job also includes the installation, repair and adjustment of their equipment on the aircraft.  You must love electronics.  It is a very challenging but rewarding career.  You will have to keep up to date with all the new technology. 

What does an Aircraft Radar/Radiotrician do?

  • maintain, checkand test all the radio, communication and navigational equipment
  • findand solve problems
  • keep up to date with new technology – reading and researching
  • install new equipment
  • construct circuits
  • install, tune and maintain antenna systems

Are you …?

  • mentally fit?
  • good with your hands?
  • mechanical?
  • a clear and quick thinker?
  • accurate?
  • good under pressure?
  • neat and organised?
  • physically fit and healthy?
  • quality driven?

How do I become an Aircraft Radar/Radiotrician?

Apprenticeships can be done at:


Offer a 95-208 week apprenticeship:
Minimum requirements:  Grade 11 (N1) in Mathematics and Science.

  • SOUTH AFRICAN AIRWAYS:  Department of Transport

Minimum requirements:  Grade 12 with pure Maths HG (E) or SG (D) and Physical Science HG (E) or SG (D)
Or N3 Certificate with Mathematics and Engineering Science 



OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Aerospace Operations Technician or Aircraft Mechanic

Is becoming an Aircraft Radar/Radiotrician the right career choice for me? 

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