Ambulance Worker



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Other names for Ambulance Worker:

  • Ambulance Man / Woman
  • Patient Transport Officer

What is an Ambulance Worker?

PLEASE NOTE: There is an intention to discontinue these job titles, but workers on the register at that time, will be allowed to continue.

Ambulance Workers assist Paramedics to provide emergency health care to patients who are injured, sick, infirm, or otherwise physically or mentally impaired prior to and during transport to medical facilities.

Formal training in emergency medical treatment, patient transport, ambulance principles and practice are required.

  • Basic Ambulance Assistant (BAA)

They perform CPR, stopping of bleeding, helping women in labour etc. 

  • Ambulance Emergency Assistant (AEA)

As well as the above they perform IV therapy (drips) Bronchodilators, Defibrillation (shock) chest decompression etc.

Are you … ?

  • passionate about helping others with compassion, empathy, integrity, and honesty
  • able to enjoy the adrenaline rush of emergencies while keeping calm and able to think on your feet
  • confident
  • disciplined
  • a good communicator
  • able to multi-task
  • a team worker
  • strong physical health, strength and stamina
  • well-developed stress management skills
  • excellent problem-solving ability

What does an Ambulance Worker do?

  • assists paramedics in their duties.
  • assesses health status of persons involved in accidents, natural disasters and other emergency situations
  • attends and/or patrols large-scale public gatherings and other events where health emergencies are more likely to occur
  • monitors changes in health status of patients during transport to and from medical other health care facilities
  • performs medical procedures and administers drugs and other therapies
  • resuscitates and defibrillates patients and operates life-support equipment
  • provides information and training to community groups and essential service workers in first aid
  • keeps records on patients’ conditions and treatments provided

How do I become an Ambulance Worker

  • Basic Ambulance Assistant (BAA)

To be a Basic Ambulance Attendant in services you need Matric, Code 10 Drivers License.
There is a short 4-6 week training period (Basic Life Support) and then about 6 months practical training.

  • Ambulance Emergency Assistant (AEA)

Must pass the pre-course examination for entry into ILS course

There is a 4 months training, 1000 operational hours as BAA plus all other requirements as for BAA.

Ambulance Workers who pass the exams must register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) before being allowed to practice.

Please note: There are many job titles which are not on the list of HPCSA so be careful when registering for a course. 

Path 1

  • Bachelor of Emergency Medical Care
  • Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Path 2

Emergency Care Practitioner

  • Complete your Bachelor of Emergency Medical Care
  • Register as an Emergency Care Practitioner with the HPCSA
  • This allows you to be a ‘professional’ person


Action Training Academy, Ambusave Academy, COJEMS Training Academy, Florida Park Fire Station, Critical Care Academy, De Vries Ambulance Academy, Elihle College of Emergency Care, ER 24, Global Emergency Technologies, Human Emergency Life Programme (Gauteng) T/A H.E.L.P, IET Fire Rescue and EMS Academy,  Impact Emergency Technologies, Lebone College of Emergency Care, Netcare 911 School of Emergency and Critical Care, North West Private Ambulance Training College, Rescu-Life Africa, School for Military Health Training (SAMHS), SRQ Ambulance,  


Emergency and Health Care Training Academy (EHCTA), Mpumalanga Ambulance Training College, Netcare 911 School of Emergency and Critical Care


Bokone Bophirima Ambulance Training College, Mankwe Ambulance Training Centre,  North West Province Emergency Medical Rescue Services College, Tshedimosetso Trauma Training Ambulance Academy,


Bokamoso PreHospital Academy, Ingozi, Limpopo College of Emergency Care


Central University of Technology (CUT), Golden Hour Ambulance Academy, Impact Emergency  Technologies,


Academy of Emergency Medical Training (AEMT), Action Training Academy, Africa Medical College of Emergency Care, KwaZulu Private Emergency Care Training Academy  (KPECTA), Meditrax Academy, Netcare 911 School of Emergency and Critical Care, Sharaj Training Services, St John Ambulance Foundation


Northern Cape Emergency Medical Service Training College


Eastern Cape Ambulance Training College (ECATC), Goodsam Training, Mary Grace Ambulance Academy, The Academy of Dynamic Emergency Training


Ambutek, Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT), Provincial Government of the Western Cape College of Emergency Care (PGWC), St John Ambulance Training Centre


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Paramedic or Fire Fighter

Is becoming an Ambulance Worker the right career choice for me?