Acrobats use daring gymnastic skills to entertain people at circuses and exhibitions. They need to be fit, strong and agile to perform daring stunts and avoid injury. They also need to have strong self discipline and a good sense of timing.

Agricultural Advisor

If working in the agricultural arena is your passion then becoming an Agricultural Advisor could be just what you are looking for. The Agricultural Advisor develops a strong connection with the agricultural sector in a specific region and determines its farming needs and progress.

Agricultural Inspector

Agricultural Inspectors make sure that all agricultural products are of a high quality. There are 3 main fields in which the Agricultural inspector can specialise: Plant and Quality Control, Meat Inspection and Animal Health.

Agricultural Journalist

An Agricultural Journalist’s job is to cover events, write articles of interest and stories which are relevant to farmers and others in their area. They gather news by observing, interviewing and researching relevant topics/events.

Agricultural Pilot

An Agricultural Pilot’s job is to fly small aircraft filled with chemicals or fertiliser which is sprayed over the farm lands. If you have a passion for flying and big, open spaces, then this career might be what you’re looking for!

Agriculturalist – Extension Officer

Do you have a love of nature and the outdoor life and are you able to communicate effectively? A career as an Agricultural Extension Officer might interest you. Agricultural Extension Officers are involved with the distribution of agricultural information to rural towns, who in turn, teach rural farmers to become better farmers.


An Agronomist’s job is to investigate field crop problems and develop new and improved growing methods for higher yields or better quality. This includes crops such as corn, maize, grain sorghum, peanuts, sunflower, cotton, sugar-cane, potatoes and forage.

Aircraft Loader

Aircraft Loaders pack, load and unload aircraft and transfer freight and baggage between airport buildings and aircraft. They also assist passengers to and from aircraft.

Aircraft Mechanic

Aircraft Mechanics are in demand! The job of an Aircraft Mechanic is to keep planes operating safely and efficiently. People’s lives are at stake which makes this job extremely important. Aircraft Mechanics regularly service aircraft, overhaul engines and parts and test the every-day smooth running of the aeroplanes.

Airport Fire Fighter

Airport Fire Fighters are specialised fire fighters. Their main job is to make sure crew and passengers are evacuated and safe during and after an an airport ground emergency.