Agricultural Pilot

OFO No: 315303

Other names for Agricultural Pilot:

Aerial Spraying Contractor
Aerial Topdressing Contractor
Aircraft Captain
Airline Captain
Fighter Pilot
Military Transport Pilot

What is an Agricultural Pilot?

As an Agricultural Pilot you would be responsible for flying small aircraft filled with chemicals or fertiliser which is sprayed over the farm lands.

Agricultural Pilots are employed by farming communities in order to apply chemicals or fertiliser to the farm lands. It is important that they be capable of calculating the rate at which the chemicals/fertiliser will be applied and determine the best method of application.

It is their responsibility to warn any parties that may be affected by the procedure, including people on neighbouring farms.

Agricultural pilots spend most of their time servicing local and rural areas in their aircrafts. It is important that they work in calm and clear weather conditions. 

They need to be well organised and good planners and need to have an aptitude for Mathematics and Science.

What does an Agricultural Pilot do?

  • meets with farmers to discuss their needs/requirements
  • warns surrounding farmers and communities of the upcoming task
  • flies over designated farm area to spray insecticide
  • monitors spray distribution
  • monitors weather conditions
  • maintains aircraft and doing safety checks

Are you … ?

  • adventurous?
  • a person who loves working in wide open spaces?
  • passionate about flying?
  • able to work on your own?
  • responsible?
  • safety conscious?

How do I become an Agricultural Pilot?

All training and licencing of pilots is the same in SA.

CLICK HERE to learn about the training. Look under the section: How do I become an Aeroplane Pilot?



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