Agricultural Inspector




What is an Agricultural Inspector?

There are 3 main fields in which the Agricultural inspector can specialise:

  • Plant and Quality Control
  • Meat Inspection
  • Animal Health

Plant & Quality Control

These Agricultural Inspectors work for the Plant and Quality Control of the Department of Agriculture. They are involved in quality control, plant health services, plant and seed control and analyses services.

Quality control involves, among other things, control of the quality and marking requirements of certain agricultural products (eg fresh produce and plant material specifically for propagation purposes). Plant health services control plant diseases, harmful insects, as well as export and import control.

Meat Inspection

Meat Inspectors must ensure that animals, which are slaughtered at abattoirs, are healthy and that the meat is fit for human consumption.

They must also ensure that the animals are killed and butchered in a decent and hygienic manner. They inspect the abattoir for general neatness and hygiene. 

Animal Health

Animal Health Technicians work under the supervision of government veterinary surgeons. They are responsible for the prevention and control of animal diseases.

They collect samples, make surveys, conduct investigations and perform laboratory procedures regarding stock diseases.
They are also responsible for making inspections to ensure that agricultural laws regarding animal health and relevant fields are complied with.

Animal Health Technicians give information and guidance regarding the control of animal diseases to farmers.   

Are you … ?

  • interested in farming?
  • interested in quality control?
  • keeping up farming standards?
  • thorough?
  • systematic?
  • organised?
  • computer literate?
  • able to write reports?

How do I become an Agricultural Inspector? 

For the 3 different fields – you need to do the relevant studies.

Plant and Quality Control:

Requires a 3-year National Diploma in Agriculture/Plant Production. You can also do a 1-year BTech Diploma afterwards.  You can do this a number of the Universities of Technology.

Meat Inspection:   

See under Meat Inspector on our website for more details.

Animal Health:  

See under Animal Health Technician on our website for more details.



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