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What is a Butler?

Butlers are back in fashion and are not only found in the homes of the rich and famous but are also found in hotels, resorts, on cruise ships etc. Trained Butlers can find work locally as well as internationally.

A Butler is actually a ‘luxury’ servant!  They can work for 1 person or work for an establishment and be in charge of all the serving staff.

What does a Butler do? 

A Butler is responsible for almost everything!
Here are some examples of what a Butler may be tasked to do:

  • acts as a PA+ (personal assistant and more)
  • acts as a chauffeur/driver
  • organises travel arrangements (holiday/work)
  • manages household/establishment’s staff
  • packs employer’s bags for travel
  • travels with employer
  • tidies up after employer
  • makes restaurant reservations
  • organises social events or parties
  • co-ordinates the activities and trains staff
  • serves drinks and food
  • irons, shops, walks the dog, buys gifts, orders flowers etc

Are you … ?

  • committed to serve?
  • efficient and organised?
  • trustworthy and responsible?
  • loyal?
  • a person who pays attention to detail?
  • extremely professional?
  • flexible?
  • well spoken and mannered?
  • willing to  work long and unusual hours?
  • discrete?
  • able to keep confidential matters, confidential?
  • computer literate?
  • positive and cheerful?
  • able to read and write well?

How do I become a Butler?

As Butlers are usually hired by affluent (very rich) and influential people – they therefore expect a Butler to be well trained, trustworthy and extremely good at their job. Because a Butler is like a personal assistant, it is important that they do not let their employer down.  They will be counted on to perform. 

There are some specialised Butler training institutions. Make sure the one you choose is accredited as there are a few scam companies out there.


  • Do relevant ‘Butler’ training courses at private institutions


  • National Certificate: Vocational: Hospitality (NQF Level 2) 
  • National Certificate: Vocational: Hospitality (NQF Level 3) 
  • National Certificate: Vocational: Hospitality (NQF Level 4) 

Here is a private institution:

SABA: The Butler Academy


Depending on your qualifications / work experience, Butlers can earn anything from R15 000/m to R35 000/m or higher


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Chauffeur … or … Private Secretary

Is becoming a Butler the right career choice for me?



Qualification Required