Caddy / Caddie

What is a Caddy / Caddie?

The job of a Caddy (or Caddie) is to carry a golf player’s bag and clubs, and sometimes gives advice and support.  He/she is usually an independent (self-employed) contractor and not employed by a golf club.



What does a Caddy do?

  • carry the golfer’s clubs throughout the game
  • clean the clubs and balls throughout the game
  • know the yardages (distances) between the ball and the pin (flag)
  • know where all the hazards are along the course
  • rake the bunkers and sand-traps after the golfer has used it
  • replace divots (chunks of grass) if golfer has made them
  • hold the pin (flag) on the green while golfer is putting
  • offer assistance or advice if asked
  • keep up to date with the rules, techniques etc
  • keep up to date with players, rakings, golf news
  • learn about the details of each golf course
  • join online forums to chat with other caddies

Are you … ?

  • passionate about golf?
  • fit and strong?
  • responsible?
  • observant and attentive?
  • neat and tidy?
  • always prepared?
  • dependable?
  • punctual?

How do I become a Caddy?

Visit a local golf course regularly and meet golfers – offer to caddy for them. Be as friendly as you can. 

Try learning as much as you can about the game of golf as well as all the technical words used in golf – so that you are prepared.

Actually playing golf and understanding the game would be extremely advantageous!

Some golf clubs offer a development programme, for example:

  • GLENDOWER GOLF CLUB: (Johannesburg)


Offers a variety of courses for up and coming golfers – these courses will also help you get more skills and understanding of the game of golf so that you may end up caddying for a professional golfer. 

The more skills you have – the more likely you are going to jump ahead of the rest.


A full-time programme for Grades 10, 11 & 12, where learners combine intensive golf training with private school education. 

Minimum requirements:
Grade 9 if applying for Grade 10.  Excludes remedial schools.  A passion and a talent for golf.  Lower handicaps are given preference for enrolment.
All applicants must undergo:
•    Interview with TGSE Director
•    Interview with Abbotts College Principal
•    Game Assessment Session – R400 interview & assessment fee payable


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Professional Golfer and Sports Coach

Is becoming a Caddy the right career choice for me?

See below for more info.