CAREER CHANGING: I’m 30 years old and hate my job. A year ago I had a wake up call and realized that I need to do something else as I can’t envision myself having this existence for the rest of my life. I am at the cross roads. What next?


Thank you for your letter and how exciting to be at the crossroads, ready to take a new road into your future. What we can say is that it is never too late! If 80 year-olds can go back to school, you are a spring chicken in changing – think about doing this every 7 years and it becomes a life-long adventure!

Career Planning, whether you are 16 or 60 is the same so possibly the 4 STEPS PLANNING MY CAREER in FAQ will be of use.
Also list all the careers you are even remotely interested in and list the pros and cons. The categories on the left of our homepage are a good beginning. Explore all the Health options.
Although uncertainty is uncomfortable, it is also a privilege to be able to choose and to change.
RPL is offered by all Educational Institutions and recognise relevant skills and knowledge from work experience and learning done before. Please see the FAQ ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’.