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What is a Cashier?

Cashier is an entry level job. It’s your stepping stone to bigger and greater things.

A Cashier is a person who ‘ring’s up the customer’s purchases on a till, receive payment and issue a receipt. 

Cashiers accept various methods of payment like cash, cheques, credit cards etc.

Being a Cashier provides a good opportunity for an employee to learn about the company or business and may serve as a stepping-stone to a clerical position.

Prospects for employment as Cashiers are generally favourable.

  • ‘Starting as a Cashier could lead to becoming a store manager or even an area store manager’, said Nadia Morat of Foschini in Kenilworth Centre, CapeTown.  
  • Francis Mukinay, a Cashier at Pick n Pay, said ‘You could move from a cashier to a supervisor and then become a frontline manager’.

Cashiers can work in supermarkets, or any form of retail stores, restaurants,  hotels, cinemas, medical practices etc etc.

What does a Cashier do?

  • greets customers
  • rings up purchases
  • accepts payments
  • issues receipts
  • balances the till at the end of the day
  • wraps or packs customer’s purchases into bags and boxes
  • helps packing shelves, organising displays etc

Are you … ?

  • friendly?
  • tactful?
  • trustworthy, honest and accurate?
  • reliable?
  • observant?
  • methodical?
  • interested in working in retail?
  • willing to work your way the corporate ladder?
  • willing to sometimes work holidays and weekends?
  • neat and presentable?
  • a person with good eye-hand co-ordination?
  • good at basic mathematics?

How do I become a Cashier?

Almost anyone could start their career in retail and become a Cashier – even teenagers who are still in high school could find employment as a Cashier. 

No training is required as, in most cases, you will get training on the job, but those who have any Cashier training or experience will jump ahead of the rest.

If you show yourself as a reliable, good Cashier, the company may send you on training and promote you up the ladder in the company. It’s up to you to prove you’re worth it.

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Minimum requirements:

One does NOT need a matric. It’s advisable to have at least a Grade 10 with mathematics or maths literacy. You should be able to read and write.


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Bank Teller or  Retail Sales Person  

Is becoming a Cashier the right career choice for me?