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What is a Choreographer?

Choreographers are like ‘dance-sequence-designers’. 

They work with musicians, dancers and performers interpreting and developing ideas which they transform into dance for stage productions or musical performances.

Some Choreographers are in charge of the overall co-ordination of the production that they are working on. This will include the directing and producing of the show.

Opportunities for Choreographers exist in the theatre and film industries or with music groups who wish to produce music videos to promote their work.

Choreographers work in a variety of ways:

  • for a company
  • for their own company
  • freelance
  • teaching
  • or a combination of some of the above

Almost all Choreographers begin their careers as dancers.  They usually start choreographing while still performing, especially in smaller companies.

Choreographers frequently absorb artistic influences from other art forms, such as theatre, the visual arts and architecture.

What does a Choreographer do?

  • keeps up to date with dance trends
  • creates new dance moves and sequences
  • listens to music and choosing the right music for the performance
  • works with dancers and musicians to perfect the dance
  • makes sure dancers execute the moves correctly
  • being aware of the dancers’ limitations, to avoid injury
  • manages the dance/production team
  • works alongside producers and directors on larger performances
  • works alongside rock stars in the music videos

Are you … ?

  • passionate about dance?
  • musical?
  • creative and innovative?
  • a team player?
  • a peoples’ person?
  • dedicated?
  • willing to work long and unusual hours?

How do I become a Choreographer?

Most Choreographers were originally dancers.  Once they become too tired or too old as dancers they may become Choreographers. All the skills and experience they have picked up along their dancing career is extremely advantageous to their career as a Choreographer. 

This not to say young people can’t become Choreographers too!

Studies may include:

Studying Dancing

Studying Fine Arts


Offers a Masters in Choreography

Youtube example of great choreography:


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Performing Arts Technician … or … Stage Theatre Technician

Is becoming a Choreographer the right career choice for me?