Acrobats use daring gymnastic skills to entertain people at circuses and exhibitions. They need to be fit, strong and agile to perform daring stunts and avoid injury. They also need to have strong self discipline and a good sense of timing.


If you love to perform on a stage, on camera or even in front of crowds at a shopping mall, then read on. Most acting jobs only last a short period of time which means they can have a long wait between jobs. Some actors have a second, different job in order to make enough money.


Choreographers are like ‘dance-sequence-designers’. They work with musicians, dancers and performers interpreting and developing ideas which they transform into dance for stage productions or musical performances.


Clowns dress in strange, colourful outfits, paint their faces and use their performance skills, antics and tricks to delight and amuse the crowd. Their main job is to make people and children laugh.


A Comedian sees the humour and irony in life and knows how to tell a story in a way that entertains people and makes them laugh. Comedians are often hired by companies and organisations to entertain people at corporate functions.

Costume Designer

Costume Designer’s job is to create the look and fashion for characters in film or stage productions. Every item an actor wears has been thoroughly planned by the Costume Designer and may have even been sewn/created by the designer’s own hands.


A Dancer’s a life (job) is on the stage performing dances as entertainment for audiences. Dancers may also be expected to sing or act during performances.

Decor/ Set Designer

Décor or Set Designers are the artists who design television, movie and theatre sets. Research is conducted in order to create a set that would interpret the story in a visual form, and to establish the appropriate architectural elements. They need to make it as real and believable as possible.


Do you look like a famous person? You could find a job in the entertainment industry as a ‘Double’. Doubles are usually found in film, television and video productions. A Double will replace an actor/actress in a particular scene for different reasons.


An Entertainer is a person, such as a singer, dancer, acrobat, comedian, hypnotist, magician, poetry reader, etc etc whose job is to entertain others.

Fireworks Display Artist

They are firework experts. So, if you like creating exciting visual experiences, are interested in science and are slightly creative – then becoming a Pyrotechnician may just be the big-bang job for you!

Living Statue

A Living Statue is a form of Mime Artist. A Living Statue usually works as a street performer (busker), posing for hours like a statue. In some upmarket stores in London and New York, Living Statues pose as ‘live’ mannequins in the store windows.


Also known as illusionist, a Magician is a performer who performs (stages) tricks or illusions as a form of entertainment.

Mime Artist

A Mime Artist is a form of silent actor. They do not utter a sound but are able to entertain audiences using only movement and expressions.

Musical Arranger

The world of music offers a host of careers. Why not look at becoming a Musical Arranger. Musical Arrangers write, arrange or create new music for bands, orchestras, singers, plays or films.


Do you dream of performing your favorite music in front of an audience? Are you talented at playing one or more instruments? If yes, consider becoming a professional Musician! Professional Musicians earn a living playing in front of audiences either solo, in duets, bands, or symphonies.

Performing Arts Technician

Interested in the behind the scenes action of theatre, TV, film, and music and dance concerts? Are you good with you hands? Then consider a career as a Performing Arts Technician. They co-ordinate, assist, and perform the technical work associated with stage construction, lighting, and sound projection.

Piano Tuner

The job of a Piano Tuner is to make sure that the piano is functioning properly and that the sound is pitch-perfect. Piano Tuners can work for piano manufacturers, dealers, repair shops, music conservatories, universities, music shops, recording studios and concert halls etc.

Radio/Television Announcer

In South Africa, Announcers on radio, television and other media read the news, conduct interviews, and make other announcements. They can also introduce performing artists at theatres, night clubs and other venues as well as making other related announcements.


Have you thought about entering “Idols”? Are you more than just a shower singer? A Singer performs either as soloists or as members of a vocal ensemble to entertain a variety of audiences.

Stage Manager

A Stage Manager’s number one job is people management. It is their role to organise all aspects of a theatre production for the successful delivery of the show.

Stage Theatre Technician

A Stage or Theatrical Technician (known as techie) is a person who operates technical equipment and systems in the entertainment industry eg: theatres, stadiums etc. This position may be volunteer or a paid position.

Theatre Technician

A Theatre Technician is responsible for the smooth running of theatrical performances as far as technical aspects are
concerned. You will work in a team managed by a stage manager.


A Ventriloquist differs from a puppeteer in that the Ventriloquist creates the illusion (trick) that the puppet can actually talk, while standing in full view of the audience.

Voice-Over Artist

A Voice-Over Artist is like an invisible actor or actress. They are heard, but not seen. A Voice-Over Artist are used for: Selling products on the radio, radio acting, voices for animated characters in movies, tv shows, or adverts etc and record reading books for the blind.