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What is a Living Statue? 

A Living Statue is a form of Mime Artist.   

A Living Statue usually works as a street performer (busker), posing for hours like a statue. In some upmarket stores in London and New York, Living Statues pose as ‘live’ mannequins in the store windows. 

Living Statues pose in parks, on the street or in places where lots of tourists pass. They keep dead-still and only move an arm or a leg or smile to get a funny or shocking reaction out of the passers-by. 

Living Statues’ clothes, make-up and poses are extremely realistic. The more realistic they are, the more successful they are. Some Living Statues paint their entire bodies and clothes silver or gold to mimic a proper statue. It’s a lot harder than it looks as it requires a lot of stamina.

Some people and young children find Living Statues creepy or scary.  Avoid jumping out or scaring people as this will not win you any favours. 

What does a Living Statue do?

  • researches a perfect, original or topical statue to mimic
  • finds suitable locations to perform
  • makes a costume and chooses accessories/props etc
  • dresses up and paints themselves to mimic a statue
  • chooses a small action of surprise to thank the people who leave money
  • rehearses shifting a pose gradually from one position to another
  • keeps fit and healthy to maintain long poses
  • controls breathing so it’s not obvious that they’re alive

Are you … ?

  • patient?
  • able to sit or stand still for very long periods at a time?
  • fit and healthy?
  • able to work in all weather conditions?
  • willing to work and earn as a street performer?
  • willing to dress up and do the same work every day?
  • creative?
  • friendly?

How do I become a Living Statue?

The only way to become a Living Statue is to design your own look and costume and get out onto the street and practice as much as you can. Successful Living Statues are the ones that have something unique to offer.  So consider your unique-ness. What will make you original or memorable?

The more mistakes you make in the beginning the quicker you’ll learn and hone your skills making you a more successful Living Statue.

Some Living Statues have a background in performing arts/drama/mime. This is not essential but it will be an advantage.

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Is becoming a Living Statue the right career choice for me?