Chick Sexer

A Chick Sexer or Chicken Sexer is a trained individual who is responsible for working out the sex of a baby chicken. They make sure which chickens lay eggs and which become meat.

Cow Inseminator

A Cow Inseminator is a trained person who artificially inseminates a cow for breeding purposes. Artificial Insemination (AI) is extremely common in dairy farming. Artificial Insemination can also happen in other animal species. It’s even used on endangered wildlife to help them raise their numbers.

Living Statue

A Living Statue is a form of Mime Artist. A Living Statue usually works as a street performer (busker), posing for hours like a statue. In some upmarket stores in London and New York, Living Statues pose as ‘live’ mannequins in the store windows.

Mime Artist

A Mime Artist is a form of silent actor. They do not utter a sound but are able to entertain audiences using only movement and expressions.

Surfboard Shaper

Surfboard Shapers play an extremely important role in surfing circles. They are the designer-scientists that design, create and shape surfboards around the world. Surfboards have to be function-specific – It’s so important that one surfboard can change a surfer’s life for ever!