Surfboard Shaper



What is a Surfboard Shaper? 

Surfing around the world is a huge, international sub-culture with its own technical designers, icons and clothing brands. 

Surfboard Shapers play an extremely important role in surfing circles. They are the designer-scientists that design, create and shape surfboards around the world. Surfboards have to be function-specific – It’s so important that one surfboard can change a surfer’s life for ever! 

Surfboard Shapers are skilled crafts people. Each surfboard design is original. Surfboard Shapers look to improve speed, maneuverability, weight and handling.

They also design boards for different reasons:

  • Big wave surfing
  • Trick and competition surfing
  • Tube riding
  • Speed surfing etc

Al Merrick and Jeff Bushman are 2 well known Surfboard Shapers and have revolutionised the surfboard industry. 

What does a Surfboard Shaper do?

  • research ideas
  • draw up creative but practical ideas
  • discuss with clients their requirements
  • make and shape boards
  • test boards
  • outsource the laminating and decoration
  • control quality

Are you … ?

  • a surfer?
  • passionate about the sea?
  • technically astute?
  • creative?
  • good with your hands?
  • innovative?
  • accurate?
  • a perfectionist?

How do I become a Surfboard Shaper?

You could start off working in a surf shop. During this time you may meet Surfboard Shapers.  If you show enough enthusiasm and passion they may consider teaching you the ropes.

You could do a Surfboard Shaping course:




Is becoming a Surfboard Shaper the right career choice for me?

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