Cow Inseminator



What is a Cow Inseminator? 

A Cow Inseminator is a trained person who artificially inseminates a cow for breeding purposes. 

Artificial Insemination (AI) is extremely common in dairy farming – more so than in beef-farming. AI can also happen in other animal breeds. It’s even used on endangered wildlife species to help them raise their numbers. 

AI is carried out by trained Cow Inseminators (AI Technicians), qualified vets or licensed farmers on their own cows. 

Semen (sperm) is bought from Farming Sperm Banks or collected from the farmer’s own bulls. This semen is then placed inside a special instrument which is inserted deep into the cow’s vagina so that the semen is placed beyond the cervix. The placement is important so that fertilisation can take place.

The reasons for AI:

  • Improving the genetic strain of the cows
  • Disease control
  • Cost:  Raising bulls is very expensive
  • Flexibility:  Allows farmer to be in control of breeding patterns
  • Safety: Some bulls can be very aggressive and potentially dangerous

Youtube clips on insemination:

What does a Cow Inseminator do?

  • research genetic patterns of breeding herd
  • collect semen and store it correctly
  • choosewhich cows to inseminate
  • place semen into cows
  • monitor pregnancies
  • keep records

Are you … ?

  • interested in biology?
  • interested in farming?
  • an animal lover?
  • caring?
  • observant?
  • thorough?
  • detail orientated?

How do I become a Cow Inseminator?

One way to become a Cow Inseminator is to train as a Veterinarian.

Another way to become a Cow Inseminator is to do relevant courses – contact the University of Pretoria (Dept of Animal & Wildlife Sciences).  Sometimes they offer courses in AI.

Study some form of Animal Science – majoring in husbandry (breeding).  A 4 year BSc in Animal Science can be done at University of Pretoria, Stellenbosch, Free State, Natal, Fort Hare, Venda and The North.




OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Veterinary Anatomist or Animal Nutritionist

Is becoming a Cow Inseminator the right career choice for me?

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