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What is a Mime Artist? 

A Mime Artist is a performing artist. The most famous of all Mime Artists was Marcel Marceau (1923 – 2007). 

A Mime Artist is a form of silent actor. They do not utter a sound but are able to entertain audiences using only movement and expressions.
This form of entertainment dates back to Roman times. 

A Mime Artist usually dresses in black, paints their face white with dark eyes and lips to exaggerate the expressions. White gloves are worn so that audiences are compelled to watch the hand movements too. 

There are 2 forms of mime: Abstract & Literal


The Mime Artist prefers to interpret emotions or feeling rather than acting out a particular story or real-life action


It’s usually funny and tells a story. Hand gestures and facial expressions are heavily exaggerated to get enhance the comedic moment.

Mime Artists can work for a circus company, an events company or for independently.  They can perform at various events and at corporate and private functions. 

What does a Mime Artist do?

  • researches  material (news articles, books, overhearing stories on the bus or train etc)
  • continually thinks up new material
  • practices new material
  • dresses up for the part
  • act out the performance
  • tries to find gigs or events to perform at
  • invoices and keeps books

Are you … ?

  • a performer?
  • confident?
  • creative?
  • expressive?
  • original?
  • observant?

How do I become a Mime Artist?

At this time there does not seem to be any Mime-only qualification, however, a lot of courses/diplomas/degrees in Drama include Mime as part of the curriculum. From there, you could then perfect your art on your own.


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Is becoming a Mime Artist the right career choice for me?