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Youtube example of a great Pyrotechnician’s work!


What is a Fireworks Display Artist?  / What is a Pyrotechnician? – (pronounced pie-roh-tek-nish-an)

They are firework experts. So, if you like creating exciting visual experiences, are interested in science and are slightly creative – then becoming a Pyrotechnician may just be the big-bang job for you!

A Pyrotechnician is a licensed individual who creates explosions for:

  • Firework displays
  • Special effects for movies and theatre
  • Breaking rock in mines and quarries

Pyrotechnics find work locally as well as overseas.  It’s a very exciting, sometimes dangerous job.  One has to be extremely responsible and trustworthy.

What does a Pyrotechnician do?

  • discusses the project in detail
  • works out all the logistics, planning, setting up, etc
  • quotes on the job
  • draws up a ‘plan’ showing firework positions, measurements, quantities etc
  • orders or makes up the fireworks
  • arranges the fireworks according to plan
  • makes sure all safety measures are in place
  • detonates the devices on time

Are you … ?

  • passionate about fireworks and special effects?
  • creative?
  • responsible?
  • trustworthy?
  • interested in science & chemistry?
  • safety conscious?
  • detail orientated?
  • observant?
  • accurate?
  • innovative?
  • willing to work long and unusual hours?

How do I become a Fireworks Display Artist / Pyrotechnician?

There is no formal training that one can do to become a Pyrotechnician.

However to become a Pyrotechnician one has to do an apprenticeship (approx. 2 years) through an already licensed Pyrotechnician. 

Once you have completed the apprenticeship and done the required number of events/shows, you will then be required to pass an exam with the Chief Inspector of Explosives in Gauteng (Pretoria).

There are 4 Pyrotechnic licenses available:

  • Stage (small explosions, fires, smoke etc)
  • Fireworks (displays at shows, launches, celebrations etc)
  • Movie (special FX, blowing things up, fires etc)
  • Blasting (mining and stone-quarry industries)


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Is becoming a Fireworks Display Artist / Pyrotechnician the right choice for me?




Maths Required Qualification Required Science Required