What is a Double?

A Double is usually employed in the entertainment industry.  They are usually found in film, television and video productions.

Double means two.  In this case, a Double looks exactly like a film star or leading actor/actress. A Double will replace an actor/actress in a particular scene for different reasons.

There are two kinds of Double:

  • A Body Double
  • A Stunt Double


They replace the actor/actress in a scene because:

  • of a specific skill the actor/actress cannot perform eg: dancing like ballet, tap etc, singing etc
  • the actor/actress does want to perform nude or erotic scenes
  • the Double has, for example, better shaped legs than the actor/actress


They replace the actor/actress in a scene because:

  • the actor/actress is at risk of injuring themselves
  • the Double has a specific, but dangerous skill eg: racing car driving, bare-back horse riding, fencing etc
  • the actor/actress has a particular phobia eg: heights, claustrophobia, deep sea diving etc

If a Double is good, they may have a long-standing job filling in for a particular actor.

Doubles usually have a number of skills that makes them versatile and easy to employ.  It would make sense for a director to hire as few Doubles as possible.  Collecting and perfecting a variety of skills would obviously be advantageous.

Note:  Doubles may do the stunts etc but they are not in the limelight nor famous.  A Double is only in the movie to make the actor/actress looks good.  If you can keep your ego in check, then maybe becoming a Double is an exciting job for you to consider.

What does a Double do?

  • meets with directors, actors and actresses to discuss the role they will play in the scene
  • keeps up the ‘look’ of the actor/actress (if the actor/actress is thin – it would be stupid then, to put on a large amount of weight)
  • develops new skills and perfects them
  • practices the skills they already have
  • performs the ‘double’ scene

Are you … ?

  • an actor/actress look-a-like?
  • a performer?
  • confident?
  • willing to be in the background and not want the limelight?
  • willing to work long and unusual hours?
  • dedicated?
  • responsible?
  • punctual?

How do I become a Double?

Besides looking like a particular actor/actress – you need skills as well.  A background in performing arts and drama would be extremely advantageous.

Becoming a Stunt Double – is another ball game.  You will need to have some amazing dare-devil skills.  See Stunt Person on our website for more details.


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Is becoming a Double the right career choice for me?