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What is a Comedian?

A Comedian sees the humour and irony in life and knows how to tell a story in a way that entertains people and makes them laugh. 

This may sound easy but Comedians put a lot of effort and time into their routines.  They usually work in theatres, restaurants, clubs, on television and in films.

Comedians are often hired by companies and organisations to entertain people at corporate functions. 

Some well-known Comedians may be invited to host a show like the SAMA or the Loerie Awards etc.

Most comedians are self-employed and they might even have a manager that arranges shows (gigs) for them.

Marc Lottering and Trevor Noah are two local, famous comedians while Eddie Izzard, Robin Williams and Chris Rock are famous comedian overseas. 

What does a Comedian do?

  • researches material and prepares their routine for shows
  • meets and negotiates with corporate clients or comedy venue managers
  • performs comic lines/stories
  • sings humorous songs
  • performs comedy dances or walks
  • makes facial contortions
  • wears funny costumes
  • creates actions that will amuse an audience
  • travels to venues?

Are you … ?

  • a funny ‘ha ha’ type of person?
  • a person who sees the funny side of most situations?
  • alert – keeping your eye on politics or situations that could be turned into a joke?
  • good at telling a joke or a funny story?
  • uninhibited – good at making a fool of yourself?
  • a person with a strong personality and loud voice?
  • able to keep a ‘straight’ face?
  • hard worker?
  • able to handle disappointment or criticism?
  • prepared to work unusual hours – typically at night?
  • prepared to travel?

How do I become a Comedian?

Comedians don’t require formal training but they do, however, need a bucket load of talent and stamina – it’s a lot of hard work. 

They should also be strong in character and be able to handle rejection, criticism and negative feedback.

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TREVOR NOAH (SA comedian) – Youtube clip:


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Is becoming a Comedian the right career choice for me?