Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Technician

Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technicians configure, set up and maintain computer controlled machines used in the automatic manufacturing process in factories.  

·         Setting up all the computer equipment in a factory that manufactures products or components, including which parts are required for the assembly, where they are located and how they can be fed into the workstation for assembly.
·         They need t know details such as size, shape, measurements and all components of the product to be manufactured. Once all the information is assessed, the automated manufacturing equipment must be given precise instructions to assemble the product or component. The machines are tested to ensure that the final product is made to specification.
·         monitor, adjust, program and maintain the automated machines once production has begun.
Where to study:
Universities: NWU, UKZN, NMMU, UJ
Universities of Technology: TUT, DUT, CUT,
Other: CTI
Companies to work for:
Vehicle manufacturing plants, computer hardware manufacturing plants, any manufacturing facility that has automated manufacturing process eg. Food manufacturing plants

Maths Required Qualification Required