Dental Specialists


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Other names for Dental Specialists:

  • Community Dentistry Specialist
  • Dental / Oral Surgeon
  • Endodontist
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Oral Pathologist
  • Orthodontist
  • Paedodontist
  • Periodontist
  • Prosthodontist


What is a Dental Specialist?

A Dental Specialist is a dentist who has specialised in a particular dental field.

For example:

Community Dentistry Specialist

  • Specialises in community dental needs

Dental / Oral Surgeon

  • Perform reconstructive or cosmetic dental surgery


  • Specialise in procedures and techniques involving the soft tissue inside teeth

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

  • Specialises in surgery of the soft and hard tissues of the mouth, jaw and face

Oral Pathologist

  • Specialises in the study and effects of diseases of the mouth, jaw and face


  • Specialises in straightening or moving teeth into alignment using braces etc


  • Specialises in dentistry in children


  • Specialises in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of gums including dental implants


  • Specialises in facial problems caused from missing teeth or jaw problems

How do I become a Dental Specialist

  • Study to become a Dentist
  • 2 years work experience in dentistry
  • Specialise in a particular field
  • Register as a professional


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Is becoming a Dental Specialist the right career choice for me?