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What is a Desktop Publisher?

Desktop Publishing refers to a job which uses specialised graphic software on a computer to combine elements such as text, photographs, illustrations, charts etc into a pleasing and useful, graphic layout so it can eventually get printed.

Desktop Publishers design books, magazine layouts, brochures, annual reports etc. 

What does a Desktop Publisher do?

  • sources and collates correct material
  • scans pages, illustrations etc where necessary
  • works out page order
  • liaises with clients with regard to their requirements
  • designs layouts according to client’s brief
  • draws and illustrates when required
  • writes and edits text
  • manipulates or enhances images (photos and drawings)
  • presents work to clients
  • makes sure all documents are ‘print-ready’
  • oversees printing when necessary

Are you … ?

  • extremely creative?
  • interested in photography?
  • computer literate?
  • neat and accurate?
  • ordered?
  • good at communication – both written and spoken?
  • methodical and logical?
  • a person who can handle criticism?
  • a person who keeps up to date with technology?
  • able to concentrate for long periods?
  • able to work under pressure?

How do I become a Desktop Publisher?

A university degree is not required for a career in desktop publishing, however, most successful DTP operators have a background and/or studies in either desktop publishing or graphic design. (See Graphic Designer on Career Planet’s website for more details).

Here are a few institutions that offer DTP courses:

  • PRESTIGE ACADEMY:  (Bellville)

Offers a 1 year NQF 5 Certificate in Desktop Publishing and Computer Art

  • CITI VARSITY:  (Cape Town)


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Illustrator … or … Character Animator

Is becoming a Desktop Publisher the right career choice for me?