Air Brush Artist

Air-Brush Artists use the air-brush tool to create original artworks or do restoration.


Art occupations are usually divided into two categories:
Fine Art and Graphic Design.

See under Fine Artist or Graphic Designer for more in depth information.

Body Make-Up Artist

Body Make-Up Artists use oils, watercolours and other materials to paint people’s bodies. They use their model’s body as a canvas.

They are usually classified as commercial artists, rather than fine artists, because, in most cases, they do not choose their own theme or subject matter.


Do you enjoy drawing cartoons? Do you know that you can make a career out of it? Well you can! Being a Cartoonist involves drawing cartoons all day. It’s a fun career if you enjoy being creative, but it also requires hard work and dedication to succeed as an artist.


A Ceramist is a professional artist who makes a living from making things out of clay.

Childrens Book Illustrator

A Childrens’ Book Illustrator is a person who specialises in creating pieces of artwork which will correspond or explain the story in a book. They may create colourful works of art for a story-book or sometimes one-colour pieces for a text book.

Creative Director

Do you have a wonderfully imaginative and creative mind? Does the world of advertising excite you? As a Creative Director you will be responsible in developing high-level concepts for design projects and company branding.

Desktop Publisher

Desktop Publishing refers to a job which uses specialised graphic software on a computer to combine elements such as text, photographs, illustrations, charts etc into a pleasing and useful, graphic layout so it can eventually get printed.

Display Artist

Really good Display Artists have a marvelous eye for detail, proportions and colour and possess an out-the-box imagination. Creativity and practical planning are also important.


A Florist is an artistic person who creates flower arrangements. They can make arrangements to sell straight to the public or the can end up designing and creating special arrangements for specific purposes ie hotel foyer areas, corporate events, exhibitions, functions, funerals, birthday parties, weddings, etc.

Graphic Designer

We see examples of graphic design around us all day, every day. From the moment we wake up until we go to sleep we see and use products that are designed by Graphic Designers. Think about food packaging, websites, magazine pages, posters, product logos, food labels and much more – and you will see the work of Graphic Designers.

Greeting Card Illustrator

Greeting Card Illustrators produce illustrations which are used on greeting cards. Illustrators are responsible for coming up with original ideas.


Draws or paints illustrations for use by various media to explain or adorn printed or spoken word: Studies layouts, sketches of proposed illustrations, and related materials to become familiar with assignment.

Mosaic Artist

A Mosaic Artist is very creative. A Mosaic Artist creates colourful images and pieces of art from small or broken pieces of glass, stones, tiles, ceramics, metal, mirrors and beads etc.


A Photographer produces images that communicate a specific message to the viewer. Their purpose may be artistic, commercial or editorial and their content can represent anything, for example: a moment of happiness; a scene of war; a plate of food; a spectacular landscape.


Sculptors are artists who create three-dimensional works of art.

They can create their pieces using metal, wood, glass, wire, stone, concrete, plastic, paper, clay or fibreglass, or any combination of these and other materials, by either moulding, cutting, welding or carving art pieces from such materials.


Signwriting these days is usually done by a computer-driven signwriting company. However, some clients still prefer a traditional Sign Writer.

A traditional Sign Writer will paint by hand the sign (logos and lettering) where required.

Stained Glass Artist

Plate and window glass are very popular and are used by Stained Glass Artists, who create designs for art object made of glass, such as windows (often found in churches), bottles, bulbs, dishes and lampshades, etc.

Tattoo Artist

Tattooing has been practiced by many cultures dating back to 200 BC.
There are two types of tattoo artists: professional and amateur. The professional has a tattoo license and is very safe to go to.

Textile Designer

Textile Designers develop and design manufactured products, such as clothing (textiles). Combine artistic talent with research on product use, marketing, and materials to create the most functional and appealing product design.