What is a Sculptor?

Sculptors are artists who create three-dimensional works of art.

They can create their pieces using metal, wood, glass, wire, stone, concrete, plastic, paper, clay or fibreglass, or any combination of these and other materials, by either moulding, cutting, welding or carving art pieces from such materials.

Their works can either be realistic or abstract representations of objects, nature, people, events, emotions or thoughts etc.

Sculptors mostly create their pieces to fulfil their own need for self-expression, but, on some occasions, could be commissioned by a specific client/organisation.

Their work can be displayed in art galleries, at flea markets/ art exhibitions or in their own homes. Sculptors are often good artists overall and are able to express themselves creatively.

What does a Sculptor do?

  • researching their ‘subject’:  an object, a person, an event, an emotion etc
  • doing preliminary sketches of their ideas
  • sourcing various materials for the project
  • making/building/moulding/welding etc it all together
  • finishing off the sculpture by: polishing, sanding, painting etc
  • meeting with prospective clients and discussing the commission
  • quoting on commissions
  • sometimes, working with deadlines
  • working unusual and long hours – sometimes through the night
  • creating sculptures for a one-man exhibition
  • attending exhibitions

Are you … ?

  • extremely talented?
  • a sculptor at heart?
  • very creative?
  • good with your hands?
  • a person with a good sense of 3d?
  • dedicated?
  • good with colour?

How do I become a Sculptor?

Taking art classes at school or at a local community centre, may start you off as a Sculptor.  You will collect many different skills that will help you.

Once you leave school, you can continue your ‘art’ from home and try and sell it.  If you are very good you may do well but this is a very difficult way to become a Sculptor.

Another way is to do a Bachelor in Fine Arts.  This will give you more skills and push you into being even more creative than you think you are.  You will also mingle with like-minded artists that will inspire you too.

From here, you may get noticed and a gallery may offer to exhibit your work.

Most universities in South Africa offer a Bachelors in Fine Arts.


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Art Teacher and Art Historian

Is becoming a Sculptor the right career choice for me?

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