Art Critic

An Art Critic’s job is to give their opinion and technical analysis of art works (drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs, ceramics, collages, prints etc etc).

Art Historian

An Art Historian loves and studies art. They are interested in the different historical aspects of the artworks. This includes: the artistic movements to which they belong and the social and political times when during which they were made in. An Art Historian has a broad knowledge of art, or they specialise in one art movement or style.

Fine Artist

A Fine Artist creates original pieces of fine art to sell. Fine art usually includes one-of-a-kind pieces or limited editions. These can include painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and digital.


Sculptors are artists who create three-dimensional works of art.

They can create their pieces using metal, wood, glass, wire, stone, concrete, plastic, paper, clay or fibreglass, or any combination of these and other materials, by either moulding, cutting, welding or carving art pieces from such materials.