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What is a Display Artist?

A Display Artist is someone who specialises in being able to display goods to their best advantage.

A Display Artist may do work for:

  • window dresser
  • shop interior displays
  • museum exhibits
  • international and local shows like trade shows
  • corporate product launches

The merchandise/product should be displayed in a spectacular eye-catching fashion.

Some Display Artists are skilled enough to build stands and items like cut-out lettering, boxes, for the display out of wood, plastic, plaster-of-paris for example.  They would also need some electrical skills to understand lighting to effectively light up the display. 

Some Display Artists may be able to work with puppets and robots or other interesting inter-active pieces.

They are extremely skilled at utilising and transforming usually very small spaces. 

A Display Artist needs to be on top of their game, be innovative and constantly come up with new and exciting displays.  Because of this, it can be an extremely stimulating and exciting career. 

Some themes a Display Artist may do or specialise in:

  • christmas and other festivals
  • fantasy or sci-fi
  • nature and wildlife
  • toys and gadgets

The more varied your portfolio is – the more likelihood you’ll get work.

What does a Display Artist do?

  • discusses requirements with client
  • researches background information that will help you make the ‘display’ come to life
  • does sketches to formulate ideas
  • quotes on the job
  • orders materials, items that can be sourced and bought
  • makes up the sets and building items required
  • arranges display
  • works to deadlines

Are you … ?

  • extremely creative?
  • an out-the-box thinker?
  • good at imagining scenes in 3d?
  • good with your hands?
  • practical?
  • willing to work long and unusual hours, sometimes through the night?
  • deadline driven?
  • good with time management?
  • good with colour, shape and form?
  • able to handle criticism?

How do I become a Display Artist?

There a many routes to take to becoming a Display Artist.

You could start preparing for a career in Display Art by choosing subjects at school that will build up your Skill Set for this job.

For instance get handy in woodwork or metalwork and get to work with paint and other mediums in art.  A combination of these subjects will definitely help you later.

As for training, some Display Artists start their career as Graphic Designers or Interior Designers.  Some have a background in Set Designing.  Have a look at these careers on our website for more details.


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Is becoming a Display Artist the right career choice for me?