Electromechanician / Millwright

OFO No: 671202

Other names for Millwright:

  • Electromechanician
  • Ground Electromechanician
  • Machine Tool Millwright
  • Millwright (Electromechanician)
  • Printers’ Mechanic


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What is a Millwright?

A Millwright is a craftsman or specialised tradesman.

They install, maintain and repair stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment.

They may work on production machines, electrically driven machines and/or electronic control gear.

Millwrights usually work in the manufacturing section of factories, government agencies, Eskom, Sasol, and other large corporations, but they can also work for themselves.

What does a Millwright do?

  • interprets drawings
  • dismantles machines or electrical motors to trace faults
  • makes temporary repairs while part is being ordered/made
  • keeps up to date with new components which is essential
  • checks wiring to determines power consumption
  • assembles, fits and installs new machinery
  • repairs and lubricates machines
  • signals to crane operator to lower basic assembly units to bedplate.

Are you … ?

  • mechanically minded?
  • self confident?
  • able to deal with pressure?
  • a person with good hand-eye co-ordination?
  • physically fit?
  • detail orientated?

How do I become a Millwright?

You can choose one of these career pathways:


  • Apprenticeship (training at a TVET college with practical training under a qualified artisan)
  • Trade Test


  • Learnership – Electro-Mechanics Level 2, 3 and 4
  • Trade Test


  • Learnership – Millwright – Diamond Level 2, 3 and 4
  • Trade Test


  • Learnership – Millwright – Metalliferious Level 2, 3 and 4
  • Trade Test


  • Learnership – Millwright – Coal Level 2, 3 and 4
  • Trade Test


  • Learnership – Millwright – (Open Cast) Level 2, 3 and 4
  • Trade Test


  • CLICK HERE to check for a training institution near you to see what they offer.
  • Make sure you understand their entry requirements for each course.
  • To avoid scams, make sure your institution is registered with the Department of Higher Education. 
  • CLICK HERE to check accredited Private Higher Education Institutions. 


How much does a Millwright earn?


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Is becoming an Electromechanician / Millwright the right career choice for me?