Cable Jointer

Are you interested in electricity? Are you brave enough to work with it? If you’re passionate about working on large electrical projects then becoming a Cable Jointer may be just the job you’re looking for.

Diesel Electrical Fitter

Diesel Electrical Fitters can work in train yards, power stations and in private homes. In a train yard, a Diesel Electrical Fitter’s main job is to install, maintain and repair wiring on diesel locomotives. Diesel Electrical Fitters use very technical equipment and hand tools.


Electricity is dangerous, yet very exciting. It’s essential to our economy for industry, commercial companies, mines, homes etc. Electricians are, therefore, in demand! An Electrician is trained and qualified to install, operate, repair, upgrade and service various electrical systems.

Electromechanician / Millwright

Are you responsible and mechanically minded – if YES, then maybe a job as an Electromechanician / Millright may be the right job for you. An Electromechanician / Millwright is a craftsman or specialised tradesman. They install, maintain and repair stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment.


If you’re interested in metals and electricity – why not combine the two and become an Electroplater? An Electroplater is a specialised artisan who is responsible for coating items with metal using a technique called electroplating.

Photocopier Technician

Almost every office as a photocopy machine – that means – every office will need a Photocopier Technician. A Photocopier Technician is a trained artisan who is responsible for the smooth running of photocopy machines.

Radio and Television Mechanic

Pump up the volume!!! If you have a passion for sound and are good with your hands – then becoming a Radio & TV Mechanic may just be the right job for you! Radio and Television Mechanics have to trace defects and repair radios and televisions, etc.

Refrigeration / Air Conditioning Mechanic

Industrial Refrigeration Mechanic’s job is to install, repair and maintain the air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment used in a wide range of areas, for example: large computer rooms, hospitals, supermarkets, large corporation offices, humidors (places where they keep cigars) etc.

Weapon Systems Mechanic / Operator

A Weapon Systems Mechanic often falls into the category of Electronics Engineering. They are responsible for the building, installation, modification, service and repair of the electronic components and parts of weaponry systems.