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What is an Embalmer?

An Embalmer works in the funeral industry.

Their main job is to prepare dead bodies so that they slow down or resist decay. This is important if the funeral is only taking place in a few days or few weeks. The body needs to be preserved in a ‘natural looking’ state as NOT to shock funeral goers when they look in the coffin.

Embalmers use chemical solutions to disinfect, preserve and restore corpses. This chemical solution cleanses and disinfects the body as well as removes gases and liquids in the organs.

In some smaller funeral parlours, the funeral director may also be the embalmer.

What does an Embalmer do?

  • stores dead bodies under refrigeration
  • washes the body
  • injects embalming fluid (chemicals) into the body

Are you . . . ?

  • emotionally stable?
  • able to work with dead bodies?
  • reliable and responsible?
  • a good communicator?
  • understanding?
  • caring?
  • respectful?

How do I become an Embalmer?

You will need a qualification.

CLICK HERE for SAQA’s registered qualifications.



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Is becoming an Embalmer the right career choice for me?