Coffin Maker

This job is not a dead-end job!!! Everyone dies. Everyone has a funeral. And … everyone needs a coffin or casket. This means that everyone will need a Coffin Maker once in their life! A Coffin Maker makes coffins and caskets.


An Embalmer works in the funeral industry. Their main job is to prepare dead bodies so that they slow down or resist decay. This is important if the funeral is only taking place in a few days or few weeks. The body needs to be preserved in a ‘natural looking’ state as NOT to shock funeral goers when they look in the coffin.

Funeral Director

A Funeral Director is in charge of a funeral parlour and therefore arranges the logistics of the funeral for the family and prepares the corpse.


A Mortician prepares the body/corpse to make to make it look as life like and as natural as possible for the funeral. In some cases this can be very hard work, if the body has been disfigured through accident or disease. If the corpse is too damaged, the body will not have an open coffin to save funeral goers undo emotional stress.


A Pathologist works in laboratory. They perform tests on samples of tissue, blood and body secretions to determine illness or disease. These samples can be from live people. A Forensic Pathologist will use samples from corpses to determine cause of death or to determine whether the person was murdered.