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What is a Fashion Stylist?

A Fashion Stylist is a person with a keen sense of fashion and style as well as a keen eye for detail. 

  • They can work for photographers:  co-ordinating all the different parts of a fashion shoot, to make sure it is perfect before the photographer starts shooting. Details could include sourcing outfits, ensuring the outfits are ironed, making sure that the model is wearing the right accessories, removing dust or fluff, checking everything is in the right place at the right time etc etc.
  • They can work for fashion designers:  assisting at fashion shows – making sure all the detailing is correct, that the right pieces are worn together with the matching accessories etc.  A good Fashion Stylist makes the best use of the model to showcase the designer’s clothing.  Together with the fashion designer, they will have the last say just before the model walks out onto the runway.
  • They can work for private individuals:  usually for celebrities or high-profile people who do not have the time to shop and style themselves.  The Fashion Stylist is then responsible for sourcing client-specific outfits and accessories from designers that meet the client’s needs.  A celebrity will call their Fashion Stylist to ‘dress’ them for a specific occasion like a product launch, movie  premiere, wedding etc and it will be up to the Fashion Stylist to bring the options to the client to try on.  The Fashion Stylist will have a good rapport with their client and will immediately understand what their client wants.  A celebrity who is strapped for time, does not have all day to try on hundreds of outfits.  The Fashion Stylist needs to get it right asap!  If the stylist has done well, the client will look ravishing down the red carpet.

What does a Fashion Stylist do?

  • takes direction from fashion designers, photographers and private clients
  • makes people look and feel beautiful
  • constantly looks at detail as well as the whole ensemble
  • shops, shops, shops and sourcse outfits and accessories
  • keeps up to date with fashion trends
  • networks with designers and retailers to build up a rapport
  • getsto know their private clients well so they can get to understand their client’s taste and what works looks good on their client
  • keeps records of clients measurements, colour preferences, etc etc
  • travels to shows, shoots, suppliers, shops etc

Are you . . . ?

  • passionate about fashion?
  • detail orientated?
  • people orientated?
  • stylish?
  • a person with a good sense of colour?
  • punctual?
  • responsible?
  • deadline driven?
  • tactful?
  • able to take criticism?

How do I become a Fashion Stylist?

Most Fashion Stylists have some formal education in fashion design or fashion merchandising. 

This gives them a strong foundation and understanding of fashion industry. 

There are a few Fashion Stylists who are self-taught and have worked their way up through the industry.

They started as assistants to fashion designers or other well-known fashion stylists and then eventually went out on their own.


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Is becoming a Fashion Stylist the right career choice for me?