Fashion Buyer

Do you enjoy the world of fashion? Does choosing the fashion that will be sold in our retail stores appeal to you? If you have answered yes, why not study fashion and become a Fashion Buyer?

Fashion Designer

If you have a passion for fashion and a creative eye, then Fashion Design may be the career option you’re looking for.

Fashion Editor

If the idea of fashion and creativity excite you – why not think of becoming a Fashion Editor.

Fashion Illustrator/Artist

Are you artistic? Can you draw? Are you passionate about fashion? If you combine these two loves – a career as a Fashion Illustrator may suit you. Fashion Illustrators create accurate images out of ideas for fashion.

Fashion Model

Are you a bit of show off? Are you tall and good looking? Do you have a passion for fashion? Do you have a sense of style? If you have said yes to all 4 questions, a job as a Fashion Model might just be what you are looking for!

Fashion Stylist

A Fashion Stylist is a person with a keen sense of fashion and style as well as a keen eye for detail. They can work for photographers, designers, private individuals or celebrities.


Milliners design and make up hats and headgear for fashion events, social functions, theatre or television productions.


A Patternmaker is a skilled artisan who designs and makes patterns or templates. They are often found in the clothing and fashion industries. They could also work in the following industries: like Building (working with carpenters etc), Car and Machinery