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Other names for Milliner:

  • Hat Blocker
  • Hat Finisher
  • Hat Maker
  • Hat Trimmer
  • Hatter

 What is a Milliner?

  • Milliners design and make up hats and headgear for fashion events, social functions, theatre or television productions. 
  • They can either work in a fashion house or for themselves. 
  • Self-employed Milliners work for exclusive, usually famous celebrity clients.
  • They will custom design and make-to-order for specific occasions like weddings, horse races, movie premieres etc.
  • Hats have come back into fashion and are often found on fashion runways.
  • Making a hat is a complex procedure. 
  • Most of the work is done by hand and involves a lot of detailing. 
  • It takes a lot of experience and hours to become a recognised Milliner.

What does a Milliner do?

  • meets with clients or fashion designers to discuss their brief or requirements
  • designs, sketches new ideas
  • makes up a pattern
  • sources specific materials and embellishments for the hat/headgear
  • measures, cuts, glues, sews, mouldis, weaves, wires, decorates etc
  • constantly researches and keeps up to date with trends and techniques
  • repairs hats and headgear

Are you … ?

  • extremely creative?
  • interested in fashion?
  • a person with an eye for detail?
  • a person with good eye-hand co-ordination?
  • good at sewing?
  • precise and accurate?
  • patient?
  • good with dealing with people?
  • a good listener?

How do I become a Milliner?

Most fashion design courses will also include a section on Millinery but sometimes you can find short courses in your area through private colleges and fashion schools.  Check your local area for what’s happening in part-time courses in the hat-making arena.

Path 1

  • On the job training

Path 2

  • Apprenticeship as a Tailor


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Fashion Illustrator or Fashion Model 

Is becoming a Milliner the right career choice for me?