FET Lecturer

FET Colleges employ Lecturers in all areas of training.  It is important that a Lecturer is able to conduct his classes both from an academic and practical angle.

Most College lecturers work in the field in which they train and therefore are able to advise their students on the practical applications of the subject as well as delivering the information required to assist students in their chosen field.

Required specifications of a lecturer would be in line with the subject matter in which they are lecuturing. i.e. if the lecturer is advising on Mechanical applications it would be necessary for the Lecturer or tutor to be qualified in the mechanical field.

Employment is offered to FET lecturers at all FET Colleges and Training institutions around the country. In order to become a lecturer at these institutions it is necessary to prove efficiency in the chosen subject.

The ability to get your point or information across to students is extremely important as well as the ability to set examination papers and the marking of the exams.

It is important as a Lecturer to have good communication skills as the most important requirement of this career is to impart knowledge to students.