Art Teacher

Art Teachers teach children from kindergarten through to high school. The job of an Art Teacher is to help children learn to like different types of visual communication and help learners create their own art through drawing, painting, ceramics and design.

Computer Science Lecturer

Would a career in teaching/lecturing and computing be your thing then becoming a Computer Science Lecturer could be what you are looking for.

Drama Teacher

Drama teachers instruct individuals and groups in acting techniques and principles.

Early Childhood Development Practitioner

In demand! Early Childhood Development (ECD) is the phase between birth and the school-going age (pre-school or creche). This is when children establish foundational cognitive abilities, attitudes and skills, preparing them for primary schooling and the rest of their lives.

FET Lecturer

Lecturers at FET Colleges need to be proficient in their area of expertise. It is important that a Lecturer at an FET College has hands on experience in his subject and is able to advise students on both an academic and practical level.

Foundation Phase School Teacher

Foundation Phase School Teachers have the exciting and rewarding task of teaching children the foundations of reading, writing and literacy. They are also responsible for helping children to develop their thinking skills. They teach from Grade R (reception) through to Grade 3.

Higher Education Lecturer

Higher education (HE) lecturers facilitate learning and carry out research activities in universities and some colleges of further education (FE). They teach academic or vocational subjects to undergraduate and postgraduate students aged 18 upwards, using methods including lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical laboratory demonstrations, and field work.

Pre-Primary School Teacher

To be a pre-primary school teacher you will need to have a love for children, a creative mind and lots of patience!

Primary School Teacher

Do you have a keen interest in children? Are you balanced, organised, patient and practical and believe you would enjoy a career in Teaching? Primary School Teaching gives you an opportunity to combine your love for education, children and creativity.


The school Principal is an educational leader who is responsible for managing the staff, policies, regulations, and procedures to ensure that all students are supervised in a safe learning environment and given all the support neccessary to learn.

School Teacher: Grade 10 – 12

Would you like to teach high school learners? Would you like to help them prepare for the world and career paths ahead? If this sounds like you, here are the different paths to take to becoming a subject teacher for high school learners.

School Teacher: Grade 4 – 9

A School Teacher teaches learners. A Grade 4 to 9 Teacher can teach at a primary or high school at these grade levels. School Teachers are trained and qualified. If you’d like to work with children and have loads of patience – this could be the career you’re looking for.

School Teacher: Grade R – 3

Do you love working and playing with children? Are you positive and patient? Are you energetic and responsible. If you said, yes, yes, yes – this may be the career you looking for: School Teacher Grade R to Grade 3. They are also known as Foundation Phase School Teachers.

Special Needs Teacher

The ETDP sector has identified a shortage of more than 5800 Special Needs Teachers! If you are considering a career in teaching and you have a passion for young people with special needs, this may be a career choice worth considering.

Teacher of the Hearing Impaired

Are you extremely patient? Are you compassionate? Do you want to work with children who are hearing impaired? If this sounds like you, then consider becoming a Teacher of the Hearing Impaired.

Teacher of the Sight Impaired

Would you like to work with learners who are living with various forms of sight impairedness? These learners could be slightly blind or completely blind. Learners living with a disability need patience and different teaching techniques.

TEFL / TESOL Teacher

TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language). English is currently used as the world’s primary business language and this means there is a great demand from non-English speaking countries (eg Korea, China, Indonesia, Thailand, etc) to employ either TESOL or TEFL Teachers.