Foundation Phase School Teacher

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What is a Foundation Phase School Teacher?

Foundation Phase School Teachers have the exciting and rewarding task of teaching children the foundations of reading, writing and literacy.

They are also responsible for helping children to develop their thinking skills. 

They teach from Grade R (reception) through to Grade 3. They usually teach all of the subjects in the curriculum to the pupils. 

An important part of being a Foundation Phase Teacher includes promoting the child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. 

Foundation Phase Teachers (FPT) do a lot of administrative work which includes preparing lessons, exams, writing reports, marking etc. 

Sports and cultural activities are important throughout this phase so FPT’s might be asked to help as part of the work programme. 

Other names for Foundation Phase School Teachers:

  • Foundation Phase Teacher
  • Primary School Housemaster
  • Primary Teacher-Librarian

Foundation Phase School Teacher do?

  • prepares lessons
  • researches new teaching methods and teaching aids
  • develops students’ interests, abilities and co-ordination through activities
  • discusses every child’s progress and problems with the parents/guardians, student counsellors and senior teachers
  • guides and supervises the work in class
  • maintains discipline and order in the classroom
  • works with the parents/guardians
  • maintains records
  • takes part in staff meetings, educational conferences and other programmes
  • prepares, conducts and marks tests and exams
  • supervises student teachers

Are you . . . ?

  • interested in teaching?
  • patient?
  • a person who loves small children?
  • understanding?
  • nurturing?
  • able to deal with stress?
  • prepared to work long hours?
  • calm under pressure?
  • methodical?
  • able to communicate well with young learners?
  • able to communicate well with adults?

How do I become a Foundation Phase School Teacher?

You will need a qualification:

There are 3 ways of becoming a Foundation Phase School Teacher:

  • ONE:

3 year Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree in Early Childhood Development, Foundation Phase

  • TWO:

2 year National Diploma in Education: Foundation Phase (NQF Level 6)

  • THREE:

Postgraduate Certificate: Education: Foundation Phase. This route is for those who have already completed a degree (NOT BEd) and want to become teachers.

Once you’ve graduated, you will be required to register with the South African Council for Educators (SACE) as an Educator.



Training Institutions:

  • CLICK HERE to check for a training institution near you.
  • NOTE: Each institution has its own entry requirements. Check with your institution of choice that you match theirs.


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Special Needs Teacher or Art Teacher

Is becoming a Foundation Phase School Teacher the right career choice for me?


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