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Other names for Fisherman:

Cray Fishing Hand
Deep Sea Fisherman
Fish Baiter
Fishing Boat Mate
Prawn Trawler Hand
Purse Seining Hand
Trawler Hand

What is a Fisherman?

Fishermen are passionate about the ocean.  They spend many hours away from home on a fishing boat or trawler.  Often, Fishermen come from a fishing family and may have even grown up in a fishing village or town. 

Fishermen use nets, fishing rods, traps, or other equipment to catch and gather fish or other aquatic animals from rivers, lakes, or oceans, for human consumption or other uses.

Fishermen may work a variety of areas:

Trek Fishermen

Row out boats ‘around’ a shoal of fish and then pull the nets in from the shore, collecting the fish in the nets.  They need a permit to do this.

Fishing Hands

Fishermen who go out on large, commercial fishing trawler to catch fish either with nets or rods.  They usually sell all their fish to a fishing company like I&J.

Charter Fishermen

They will take out individuals and tourists out on their boat for a fishing experience.  They may catch snoek, large game fish or other species.

Scientific Fisherman

These Fishermen will work for researchers.  They will usually fish, tag and release so that the researchers can monitor the movement, age and life cycle of various fish.

What does a Fisherman do? (depends where they work)

  • travels long distances at sea on a boat
  • fishes for hours
  • fixes nets
  • weighs fish
  • packis fish in cold storage on the boat
  • throws back protected species
  • helps maintaining the boat and equipment
  • catches, tags and releases fish

Are you … ?

  • in good health?
  • passionate about the ocean and fishing?
  • strong?
  • patient?
  • good with your hands?
  • a team player?
  • able to work in cramped, stinky spaces?
  • flexible?

How do I become a Fisherman?


No training is required.  You will learn the skills on the job.


Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) Level 3

Learnership – Transport (Fishing – General) Level 1 


In most cases, Fishermen need to apply for an annual fishing licence to fish.  They will then get a quota (which is the total number of fish they are allowed to catch). 

The rules and regulations are very strict.  Heavy fines and sometimes confiscation of boats and equipment are made if they break the law.


Offers training in some areas of responsible fishing


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Is becoming a Fisherman the right career choice for me?