Game Producer (Computer)

Anything that isn’t a team member’s job, falls under the responsibility of the producer. Need to hire another team member? Producer’s job. Need some temp sound effects? Producer’s job. Need help laying out levels? Producer’s job. Need fresh coffee? Producer’s job. An argument needs a final answer? Producer’s job. The producer is the team leader, and the team lackey simultaneously. You have to effectively clear the road so the team can make the game, but at the same time, follow behind making sure all the loose ends are taken care of. You lead the team, and work for the team leader. Both jobs making the life of the team easier. You are the team champion, defending them from all distractions and outsiders who might derail them. Above all, a producer, however much they’d like to, should never take credit for “making the game”, but should give the credit to the artists and programmers who gave their all to making the game great.