Gaming Worker (Casino)



What is a Gaming Worker?

If you have a desire to work at a casino and would like to get started, you may consider becoming a Gaming Worker.

Gaming Worker’s job is to operate table games like poker, roulette, blackjack etc. 

They stand or sit behind a table and operate games of chance by dispensing the appropriate number of cards or blocks to players. 

They may also operate other gaming equipment.

It is the Game Workers’ job to compare the casino’s (house) hand against the players hands and be responsible to payout or collect money or chips from the players.

What does a Gaming Worker do?

  • exchanges paper currency for playing chips
  • pays out winnings or collect losing bets
  • adheres by the rules and procedures of a the game
  • shuffles and deals the appropriate number of cards to each player
  • compares players’ hands to house hands to determine the winner
  • ensures that all players have placed bets before commencing the game
  • inspects cards and equipment and making sure they are in good condition
  • in charge of cash floats and game tables
  • computes amounts of players’ wins or losses

Are you … ?

  • interested in the casino business?
  • a peoples’ person?
  • responsible?
  • reliable?
  • honest?
  • good with your hands?
  • friendly?
  • accurate?
  • a quick thinker?
  • neat and professional?

How do I become a Gaming Worker?

Some casinos may give you on-the-job training but here are a few options you could consider to give yourself more skills which may help you jump ahead of the rest when looking for a job.


Offers a variety of relevant courses:


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Is becoming a Gaming Worker the right career choice for me?