For a start, a Bookmaker does NOT make books!

A Bookmaker is a person who works in the gambling industry. They take bets from punters (customers) in person. When bets are received, the numbers are checked and the bets entered.

Croupier / Dealer

Croupiers are employed by casinos. They are responsible for operating the casino games for the customers. They place the customers’ bets and facilitate the payouts.

Gaming Worker (Casino)

If you have a desire to work at a casino and would like to get started, you may consider becoming a Gaming Worker. Gaming Worker’s job is to operate table games like poker, roulette, blackjack etc.

Slot Machine Technician

As a Slot Machine Technician you will be responsible for the maintenance and repair work on the slot machines found in casinos. It is necessary for Slot Machine Technicians to undergo special Training.