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What is a Guide Dog Trainer? 

A Guide Dog Trainer’s job is to train a dog to assist physically disabled people so that the person can live as normal and independent a life as possible. They also train the disabled person to bond and ‘work’ their dog correctly. 

Guide dogs are used to assist:

  • Blind or partially blind people
  • People who are wheelchair bound
  • People who are hard of hearing

Types of dogs used are usually:

  • Golden Retrievers
  • German shepherds

What does a Guide Dog Trainer do?

  • carefully selects a team of dogs to train
  • checks the dog for correct temperament, intelligence etc
  • trains dogs to avoid obstacles (high and low)
  • trains dogs to watch out for traffic etc
  • trains dogs to be obedient
  • matches the dog with an owner
  • trains the owner & dog team together

Are you . . . ?

  • passionate about dogs?
  • compassionate?
  • patient?
  • a good communicator?
  • strong and fit?
  • a person who works well with animals?
  • emotionally stable?

How do I become a Guide Dog Trainer? 

Guide Dog Trainers are usually trained by experienced guide dog trainers.

It would be advisable to start your training by volunteering at the SAGA for some time to familiarise yourself with the whole process.

  • SAGA: SOUTH AFRICAN GUIDE DOGS Association for the Blind

Train the dog: CLICK HERE 

Train the owner: CLICK HERE 


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Is becoming a Guide Dog Trainer the right career choice for me?