Animal Breeder

An Animal Breeder is someone, like a dog or cat breeder, who is breeding small animals for sale as pets. An Animal Breeder can also be an Animal Scientist. They study clever ways to farm livestock (eg cows, pigs, chickens etc) and animal-based products we eat.

Animal Care Attendant

Are you passionate about animals? If you said YES, have you considered becoming an Animal Care Attendant? An Animal Attendant will make and provide food, give water and take general care of animals.

Animal Health Technician

Animal Health Technicians are interested in all technical areas of animal health care. They work together with and help veterinarians, scientists and science students. So, if you have a passion for animals and animal care – then this might be the job you’re looking for!

Animal Nutritionist

An Animal Nutritionist is a person who specializes in the dietary needs of agricultural animals, zoo animals, and pets. Their job sites include farms, laboratories, classrooms and commercial-based marketing for foods.

Animal Scientist

Animal Science is the ‘study of the biology of animals’. All animals can be studied. For example: farm animals, exotic animals, wild animals or animals bred for pets. An Animal Scientist will experiment and study information about breeding, animal behaviour, production, diets, business and animal care.

Guide Dog Trainer

A Guide Dog Trainer’s job is to train a dog to assist physically disabled people so that the person can live as normal and independent a life as possible. They also train the disabled person to bond and ‘work’ their dog correctly.

Horse Breeder

The job of a Horse Breeder is to breed and sell horses. They have many responsibilities: eg nutrition, hoof and teeth care, grooming, tack and equipment maintenance, exercising horses, stable yard design and maintenance, equestrian disciplines etc.

Horse Stud Manager

A Horse Stud Manager or “stud master” is a person responsible for an employer’s breeding stock. He/she’s is responsible for the stables, breeding, health, training and selling of horses. They are in charge of the promotion and marketing of the stud. This job is mostly office based.

Nature Conservator (Zoo)

Nature Conservators in a zoo work alongside Zookeepers. They are responsible for the well-being of all the animals in the zoo. Nature Conservators also work to help educate the public regarding the animals.

Professional Dog Walker

Dog Walker is a person who walks a dog/s, from the dog’s residence and then returning it. You can also drive the dogs, in your own car, to other walking locations.

SPCA Inspector

The job of an SPCA Inspector is to make sure all animals are treated with kindness. They make sure that no animal is neglected or abused.