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What is an Animal Breeder?

An Animal Breeder is someone, like a dog or cat breeder, who is breeding small animals for sale as pets.

An Animal Breeder can also be an Animal Scientist.  They study clever ways to farm livestock (eg cows, pigs, chickens etc) and animal-based products we eat. 

There are 3 main kinds of Animal Breeders:

  • pet breeders ie cats and dogs etc
  • purpose-bred breeders will farm race horses to race, angora rabbits and llamas for wool etc
  • bred-for-food breeders will farm cows, sheep and pigs so we can eat the meat

What does an Animal Breeder do?

  • feeds and gives water to animals
  • studies special diets of animals
  • maintains and cleans animal areas – pens, cages, yards etc
  • looks for early signs of illness or injury on animals
  • treats minor or small injuries
  • calls veterinarians for more serious problems
  • gives injections
  • studies then makes clever decisions as to what animals to breed
  • makes notes on weights, growth patterns, and diets etc
  • builds cages, pens, fence yard or farms etc
  • grooms and cares for animals – clips nails or cuts hair
  • exercises animals
  • exhibits animals at shows

Are you … ?

  • happy around animals?
  • passionate about animals?
  • able to breed animals for slaughter (kill)?
  • touch animals eg grooming and give injections?
  • willing to work strange hours?  Baby animals can be born at any time of the day or night.
  • willing to read and learn about breeding information and trends?

How do I become an Animal Breeder?

Pet Breeders

Pet Breeders of small animals such as cats or dogs, need no special education.  It is recommended that you go as far as you can at school.  Reading and talking with other breeders of the same animal will help you.

Recommended school subjects:  Life Sciences and Physical Science.

Purpose-Bred or Bred-for Food Breeders

Those breeding large animals may need a 4- or 6-year degree in animal or agricultural science or a related field. 

Institutions below offer a BSc degree in Animal Sciences:


Required school subjects:  Mathematics and Physical Science.

Recommended school subjects: Life Science


  • CLICK HERE to check for a training institution near you to see what they offer.
  • Make sure you understand their entry requirements for each course.
  • To avoid scams, make sure your institution is registered with the Department of Higher Education. 
  • CLICK HERE to check accredited Private Higher Education Institutions. 

  • SASAS: South African Society for Animal Science

All the info you need about Animal Sciences can be found on this website:


OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER: Animal Health Technician … or … Horse Trainer

Is becoming an Animal Breeder the right career choice for me?