Professional Dog Walker



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What is a Professional Dog Walker?

A Dog Walker is a person who:

  • Walks a dog/s from the dog’s residence and back.
  • You can also drive the dogs, in your own car, to other walking locations.

Walking the dog/s keeps them fit and healthy.  It also helps dogs socially as they will meet other dogs on the walk.  It also provides exercise and friendship for the walker. 

It’s a wonderful service for very busy owners who have little time to exercise their pets themselves.

What does a Professional Dog Walker do?

  • arrives at dog/s residence on time
  • walkins dog/s either from residence or taking dog/s to a nicer place
  • cars for and pets dog/s
  • grooms if required
  • returns dog/s safely
  • in an emergency, eg unexpected injury, takes dog/s to the veterinarian
  • owner’s might want you to pet-sit
  • informs owner’s if there is a problem with their pets

Are you … ?

  • a dog lover?
  • very responsible?
  • patient and kind?
  • a walker
  • fit and healthy?
  • able to lift large dogs into a car if necessary?
  • able to deal with difficult or aggressive dogs?
  • organised?
  • calm under pressure?

How do I become a Professional Dog Walker?

No training is required. 

A course in dog or animal behaviour might be an advantage. 


Offers both intermediate and advanced courses in dog training: For example: 

COAPE Dogwise Stage One:  Introduction to Canine Behaviour and Training Course

OTHER CAREERS TO CONSIDER:  Dog Handler … or … Animal Care Attendant

Is becoming a Professional Dog Walker the right career choice for me?