Hair or Beauty Salon Assistant



OFO No: 514102





Other names for a Hair or Beauty Salon Assistant:

  • Dreadlock Specialist
  • Electrolysis Assistant
  • Hair Colour Technician
  • Hairdresser (Braiding)
  • Hairdresser (Weaving)
  • Hairdresser’s Assistant
  • Locktician
  • Salon Operator

What is a Hair or Beauty Salon Assistant?

Hair or Beauty Salon Assistants work in a salon an help the haridressers or therapists with their treatments and make sure the salon is clean and tidy at all times.

What does a Hair or Beauty Salon Assistant do?

  • meets and greets clients
  • answers the phone
  • serves tea and coffee
  • shampoos clients / or assists with beauty treatments
  • makes sure all the stations are ready for the client and therapist
  • monitors stock levels of products
  • keeps salon clean and tidy

Are you … ?

  • interested in the beauty industry?
  • a people’s person?
  • a person with a positive, bubbly personality?
  • willing to learn?
  • reliable?
  • observant?

How do I become a Hair or Beauty Salon Assistant?

Path 1

  • Get in-house training in a salon

Path 2

  • Get a relevant beauty qualification (CLICK HERE for various options)


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Is becoming a Hair or Beauty Salon Assistant the right career choice for me?